Regional Systems Merger Documents

Please review these documents before the Eastern Library System (ELS) Special Meeting  at 4:30pm, October 9th in South Sioux City during the NLA/NSLA conference.

*Note: You do not have to register for the annual conference to attend the special meeting.

The first document is the Plan of Merger. The ELS board has voted to bring this Plan to a vote of the ELS members; it has been reviewed by an attorney.  At the special meeting, ELS member libraries will vote on this:  Plan of Merger

The second document is the Amended Articles of Incorporation. These Articles will govern the new system, which is identified in the document as the Three Rivers Library System. The current Northeast Library System members will vote on this: Amended Articles of Incorporation

Both documents must be approved in order to bring about the merger.

To clarify:

If these documents are both approved, the two regions will merge into one system with new geographical borders.

A new 7-member board of directors will take office on Jan 1, 2015, and will govern the Three Rivers Library System. They will establish by-laws providing for the ongoing election of board members. Annual meetings will begin in 2015.

The boards of both systems (as well as the seven potential board directors of the new system) see this reorganization as a merger of equals. However, as a practical matter, it is easier legally for one of the Systems to merge into the other, rather than for both to shut down and start over.  So the Eastern System will be absorbed into the Northeast, and the Northeast System will amend its Articles of Incorporation to include the new territory which will have a new name.  This will allow the new system to continue under the Northeast System’s 501(c)(3) status without having to re-apply to the IRS for that designation.

If these documents are not both approved, the two regions will remain as they are currently until Dec 31, 2014, after which they will no longer receive funding from the Nebraska Library Commission unless another plan can be worked out.

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can clarify further, and everyone will understand what they are voting for in October.

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