1. The ideas were flowing at the CLICK meeting held last week. Plans are well underway for summer reading at the libraries represented. Here are a few highlights of what was shared, however I encourage you to share your plans and ideas in this space. The posted document is from Sally Snyder from the NLC of science ideas shared by Mary Mauszewski from Sump.

    Fremont- plans four big programs with online registration. Kids register by reading levels so goals are set by level rather than age. Laura will hold a tarantula if the reading goals are met.
    Bellevue-Goals set by time spent reading – minimum 20 minutes. Prizes are awarded by hours spent reading. 16 hours = free book. They plan a DIY (do it yourself) table set up with a variety of activities and a “Mad Scientist University” directed by the children’s librarians.

    Ralston- plans for four major programs. They also track reading by the hour. They have arranged for hot lunch to be served daily through the Food Bank for the Heartland. They have a One Book, One Baright title and give away one book (intermediate Golden Sower title) per family to encourage family literacy, and then they do a trivia question from the book every week with a drawing. They will incorporate activities from “Bedtime Math” due to concern about summer math slide.

  2. More summer reading ideas were shared at the DIRECT meeting held on 5/9

    North Bend Public will have Friday story times in the morning for six weeks that will feature science activities. The older children will meet in the afternoons and participate in science activities.

    La Vista Public is running a series of mini-camps with various themes. They are scheduled for 2 hours per day for 3 days. Children must preregister and pay a $5.00 fee. There has been a lot of interest and some of the camps are already full.

    West Point will have a special day at the local movie theater for those children who meet their reading goals. They are using a different theme.

    Keene Memorial in Fremont has performers scheduled for Mondays. They will have a kick off party in the park. Children who meet their goals will be able to attend a special activity at the splash park. They will also be given book bucks which they can redeem for books.

    Baright in Ralston has a number of activities planned. Teens who participate will be able to pick a book as a reward. Adults who participate will donate to a community organization.

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